Date Released Version Number Description
11 Dec 2011  3.1 Now supports SMTP Plain Text Authenication plus various bug fixes
04 Sep 2009 3.01 Release of 64bit version and some minor fixes for 32bit version relating to file attachments
10 Jul 2009 3.0 Release of 64bit version and CLR version in beta
06 Feb 2009 2.5 Fixed issue with occasional character truncation on integers.
12 Jun 2008 2.4 Fixed issue with chars and varchars truncating the final character. Added @terminator parameter allowing mails to be sent via SMTP servers that require line feed or carriage return only as a line terminator.
06 Apr 2008 2.3 Fixed issue with Integrated Security and SQL Server 2008. Allow blank passwords.
07 Apr 2007 2.2 Fixed issue with Integrated Security
23 Mar 2007 2.1 Fixed issue with text objects in Query results
31 Dec 2006 2.0 Added support for SQL Server 2005.
23 Feb 2006 1.13 Added support for nvarchar,nchar and text. Allow query resultsets to be embedded in the body of the message. Allows the importance and the priority to be changed.
30 May 2005 1.12 Fix to minor bug in mail header for attachments
14 Mar 2005 1.11 Support for <td> <th> <caption> and <tr> attributes. Support for html style sheets.
25 Jan 2005 1.10 Enhanced debug logging Ability to select network card to bind to. Useful in multihomed environments.
28 Oct 2004 1.09 New @no_output option
Bug fix: dblib initialisation can error
Bug fix: Spids not dying on SQL error in @query
18 Jul 2004 1.08 Date formats taken from Control Panel Settings.
01 Jun 2004 1.072 Support for naming query file attachments Support for international timestamps Other minor bug fixes
01 Apr 2004 1.07 Support for email aliases + minor bug fixes
31 Aug 2003 1.06 Minor bug fixes
09 May 2003 1.05 Released
17 Mar 2003 1.05 Beta Release includes support for sending result sets from local or remote queries as attachments or in the body of the message.
20 Sept 2002 1.04 Now supports cc and bcc. Allows multiple addresses in To, Bcc and Cc fields. Automatically sets character set on Body field based on the SQL Server codepage. Automatically detects HTML messages. Additional version supports 7.0 and 2000 long strings
03 Aug 2002 1.03 Note calling convention has changed from release 1.02. Allows senders address to be added to message. Full commercial release.
23 Jul 2002 1.02 Supports Multiple Recipients in one call