Main Features

Main Features (32/64 bit) Extended Stored Procedure

  • Plain text SMTP authenication
  • Simple to use with either a simple calling interface or extended calling interface
  • Called directly from SQL Server
  • Sends emails via a local or remote SMTP server such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange or an ISP
  • Small and fast
  • Uses Windows Sockets directly so requires no other components on the server. No expensive calls to sp_OACreate or shelling to the OS with xp_cmdshell.
  • Execute multiple queries and send results as attachments or within the body of the message using placement markers..
  • Use HTML and style sheets to format your messages.
  • Send to multiple recipients in one call with cc or bcc.
  • Support for email aliasing e.g. Joe Bloggs<>
  • Secure as it cannot receive emails

Main Features (CLR assembly)

  • Supports all features of the Extended Stored Procedure.
  • Allows cc, bcc and stylesheet input fields to be the result of queries.
  • Allows multiple SMTP gateways to be specified as a list or as a result of a query. Will try each gateway in order until the message is sent.
  • Greater control over the encoding.

Why use xp_SMTPSendMail rather than Microsoft sp_send_dbmail?

  • xp_SMTPSendMail supports all versions of SQL Server with the same syntax unlike sp_send_dbmail.
  • xp_SMTPSendMail does not require a profile to be set up.
  • xp_SMTPSendMail automatically formats resultsets into HTML tables.
  • xp_SMTPSendMail can execute multiple queries and embed the resultsets into the message body.
  • xp_SMTPSendMail supports style sheets giving endless formatting capabilities.
  • xp_SMTPSendMail is fast, reliable and supported.