To purchase download and install the dll from here. Using the links in the table below pick a licence quantity that you would like to purchase. This will open a new window to allow you to purchase from SWREG®, who will process the payment and email a licence key embedded in a Transact SQL script. This script is then run against the server.

SWREG® is the worlds largest independent shareware secure payment registration site. Please note that no credit card details are passed to ThorpeSoftware.

Single Server Licence $70
5 Server Licence $300
10 Server Licence $420
40 Server Licence $1000
60 Server Licence $1400
80 Server Licence $1600

The licence key covers multiple instances of SQL Server running on one running a copy of Windows. One licence is required per Virtual Machine. The same licence covers the 32 bit, 64 bit and CLR versions interchangeably. The licence can be purchased for a server running a 32 bit O/S and will be valid if the server is subsequently upgraded to a 64 bit O/S. The licence agreement is detailed here.